Dermapen & RF Microneedling with Intracel

Radiofrequency Microneedling with the Intracel rejuvenates the skin using a cutting-edge microneedling device that utilizes energy/heat called the Dermapen. The adjustable, insulated and precise Dermapen microneedles deliver targeted energy deep to the layers of the skin regardless of skin color type. Patients see improvement in texture, scars, fine lines, stretch marks, tone and skin glow, with minimal to no downtime.

Dermapen RF Microneedling with Intracel Benefits

  • Comfortable with topical numbing before treatment
  • Minimal downtime- patients have some redness and slight swelling
  • Results after first treatment- acne scars to stretch marks
  • Suitable for any skin type, including dark skin

How RF Microneedling Works

Fine microneedles stimulate collagen and improve texture. There is also enhanced collagen stimulation and targeted tighting based on the type of energy delivered below the surface. The energy causes a localized injury that heals very quickly and keeps the surface intact. Because of the precise control of the depth and form of energy delivery, there is improvement seen with minimal to no downtime and the procedure is safe for most patients. The Intracel Dermapen is unique for RF Microneedling since it has more than one type of radiofrequency delivery method- most only have one. This allows for deeper, more comfortable energy delivery and more tightening.

What to Expect

Topical numbing cream is applied before your treatment. There is minimal discomfort during the treatment- the nose and forehead is a little more sensitive. Patients will have some redness after the treatment that may persist for 24-48 hours, although many patients have minimal discoloration as soon as 3 hours after the treatment. Improvement is seen after one treatment, but a series of 1-2 treatments with the Dermapen in Phoenix is recommended.

Contour Medical in Gilbert, AZ, recommends adding Defenage next generation stem cell home care to RF Microneedling. This can improve the healing time and the overall result of your Arizona dermatology procedure.


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