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Accent XL & Near Infrared (NIR)

As we age, our skin becomes thin and lax, losing its firm toned look. The Accent XL and NIR allow make true body contouring possible by remodeling fat and producing collagen. Through the use of selective heat, these devices: promote healthy collagen production, non-invasively tighten loose skin, and improve body contours. Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, is one of the leaders in the country when it comes to the Accent XL and body contouring. Dr. J.D. McCoy is a Luminary Physician with Alma Lasers, specializing in the Accent XL.

Both the Accent XL and the NIR can be used to treat loose sagging skin, including: the face, abdomen, thighs, chest, and upper arms. They can be used to improve and reduce the appearance of cellulite. The Accent XL is the strongest radiofrequency device on the market and the NIR is a unique light-based approach to tighten skin.

Accent XL & NIR Benefits

  • Minimal or no discomfort
  • No downtime
  • Cost-effective, especially when compared to surgery
  • Fat contouring and skin tightening — a winning combination

How Accent XL and NIR Works

The Accent XL uses radiofrequency energy to heat the deep subcutaneous fat, while simultaneously cooling the outer layer of skin. The heat that is delivered promotes the production of new collagen. This stimulates both deep and superficial tightening. With cellulite, the energy crushes the fat cells and breaks up the connective tissue that is the underlying cause of the cottage cheese or dimpled appearance. The NIR acts in a similar fashion to the Accent XL, but is light-based. Instead of radiofrequency producing the heat, near infrared light does.

What to Expect

Patients tolerate Accent XL and NIR treatments well, and have minimal to no discomfort. The treatments are like a very hot massage. The procedure takes 30 to 45 minutes for one area, and all normal activities can be resumed soon after treatment. There may be some redness, which diminishes within a few hours. In most cases, 3 to 6 treatments at 2 to 4 week intervals are suggested. Dr. McCoy is the advanced trainer for the Accent XL, a Luminary Physician with Alma Lasers (the manufacturer of the Accent XL and the NIR), and gets some of the best results in the country. Dr. McCoy performs all treatments with the Accent XL at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona.