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Genuine Health

Genuine Health searches the world for unique, high-quality, all-natural ingredients to make the most innovative and evidence-based products on the market. Formulas contain pure, natural, researched, and safe and effective ingredients. Genuine Health is a green company with a commitment to the environment. Products are derived from the purest ingredients that are sustainable and earth friendly. Dr. McCoy appreciates the evidence-based approach to product development and ongoing commitment to research at Genuine Health.

Clarisonic Benefits:

  • Pure, high-quality ingredients
  • Researched
  • Safe and effective
  • Pharmaceutical grade fish oil

How Genuine Health Works: Genuine Health provides the highest quality ingredients manufactured under the strictest good manufacturing guidelines available in Canada and the United States. Testing to rigorous specifications for every ingredient, in every single product, is the standard at Genuine Health. Genuine health is about quality, which translates into clinical results. That’s what Dr. McCoy at Contour Medical in Gilbert Arizona wants for his patients: results.

What to Expect: Products chosen for Contour Medical patients are specific for their individual needs, keeping in mind that some of these supplements could be considered essential. The essential fats from fish oil and specialty supplementary products combined with other key ingredients can help the brain, heart, joints, and skin. Improved skin elasticity, regeneration, and hydration are just a few of clinical results to be expected with Genuine Health. Dr. McCoy recommends taking specific Genuine Health products in combination with clinical treatments at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona. Working together to turn back the clock from the inside out.