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Renuvion using J Plasma, Resurfacing & Subdermal Tightening

While growing old is a privilege, it can often come with results that affect our confidence and self-image. Today, we have countless options for reducing the effects of aging through various cosmetic procedures, and with time, these procedures are becoming safer and more effective. One of the greatest examples of these incredible advancements is the Renuvion powered by J Plasma) Procedure. This minimally-invasive procedure is providing an alternative to a minimal face lift and other tightening treatments for the face, chin, neck and body. Read on to learn more about Renuvion powered by J Plasma Skin Resurfacing, its cost, and more!

Dr. McCoy on Sonoran Sun

About the Renuvion Procedure

Through the Renuvion Skin Resurfacing procedure, the ionized energy is delivered to the top layer of your skin. The skin peels, leaving a fresh layer of skin exposed underneath it. This newly exposed layer is literally more youthful, providing for a tighter and fresher look. This reduces skin discoloration, improves texture, reduces pores, reduces fine and deeper lines, and tightens. When used subdermally (under the skin), the Renuvion is a pure tightening machine. Helium gas, coupled with electrical energy, is applied (like a precise airbrush), allowing for very controlled delivery of “cool plasma”. This treats the skin from the outside (causing it to peel and contract) or when under the skin it purely tightens. This is all done without major surgery under only a local anesthetic. Oral medication and other techniques to reduce discomfort are used, in addition to numbing the area of treatment (face, neck, abdomen, etc.). Typically, the entire area is treated and then an additional pass is performed to enhance tightening. Our Arizona Renuvion Procedure takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on each individual case. Patients will have significant post treatment redness, swelling, tightness and generalized discomfort. Dr. McCoy suggests a window of 14 days to heal when treating the face/resurfacing and at least 48 hours if doing pure tightening (under the skin).

How Does Renuvion Help?

This is the most advanced and result driven type of our Arizona skin resurfacing and tightening procedures. This is literally true as the procedure effectively removes the current surface of the face and exposes a new surface—one that is tighter, more even, and more youthful. This procedure can help the confidence of men and women who are suffering from all types of conditions. The Renuvion Skin Resurfacing Procedure can be a reasonable alternative to a minimal face lift, which addresses loosening and sagging skin on and around the face. It is also a popular alternative to eyelid surgery, although Dr. McCoy will refer patients if a more surgical approach is more appropriate. Renuvion has other applications, including treating: acne scars, wrinkles, upper lip lines, and body/abdominal laxity. Renuvion provides a solution that unique and more advanced than traditional methods, but not nearly as invasive. This means less overall risk, post treatment discomfort, and downtime.

It is a significant decision to elect for resurfacing and tightening with the Renuvion. It is recommended to get a consultation at Contour Medical, in Gilbert, AZ, to assess if you are a good candidate for the treatment and to individualize your treatment plan with Dr. McCoy. Contact us today to learn more about Renuvion Skin Resurfacing Cost, benefits, and more!