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Neuroreplete is exclusive to Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona. Neuroreplete is a natural supplement that is used to assist with slow and steady fat loss or maintenance. The amino acids in Neuroreplete support healthy neurotransmitter levels, which improves: mood, sleep quality, appetite/craving control, and fat metabolism. Dr. McCoy originally used Neuroreplete exclusively as an adjunct to the Contour hCG Diet, or to help maintain weight-loss. Based on the overwhelming positive response of hundreds of patients, Dr. McCoy recommends Neuroreplete for most patients. Neuroreplete can be thought of as a super nutrient/multi-vitamin for the brain.

Neuroreplete Benefits:

  • Improvement noticed in 7 days
  • Not a stimulant
  • Improves sleep, mood, appetite control
  • Slow and steady fat loss

How Neuroreplete Works: The components of Neuroreplete were originally studied/used as a way to make prescription anti-depressants and appetite suppressants work better. What was discovered is that not only did they make the medications work better, but the amino acids in Neuroreplete could be used without the prescription drugs — still exhibiting anti-depressant responses and good appetite control. Neuroreplete’s is provides the building blocks that your body needs to produce optimum serotonin and dopamine levels. By elevating your natural production of serotonin and dopamine, patients will notice more restful sleep, decreased hunger, decreased cravings, and a slow but steady loss of fat.

What to Expect: Neuroreplete is in capsule form. Patients take Neuroreplete 2 to 3 times per day. Unlike most nutritional supplements, you should notice a change after 7 days of using Neuroreplete. Typically, the initial improvement is in sleep quality. If patients are on anti-depressants, appetite suppressants or other medications, Dr. McCoy may need to modify your dosage. Once you are on your individualized dosage, therapy can be continued for an extended period. You can think of Neuroreplete as a multivitamin for your brain, with long-term benefit inside and out.