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Enhanced PRP

Your body contains many naturally occurring growth factors that help with the restoration and repair of tissue. These concentrated growth factors can be used to improve scars, wrinkles and fine lines, age-related volume loss, and improved wound healing.

PRP has been used for a long time in orthopedic medicine (Tiger Woods has been treated with PRP) and recovery after invasive plastic surgeries.  The cutting-edge approach used in non-invasive cosmetic medicine at Contour Medical, in Gilbert, AZ, uses PRP to enhance the recovery and result of many treatments.   Contour Medical uses only a specialized concentration method to produce a PRP that is 10 times more potent than the competitors.

Benefits of PRP

-Natural growth factors from your own body

-Highest concentration PRP available

-No downtime or discomfort

-No risk of immune reaction, very safe

How PRP Works

The natural growth factors are released from your platelets after “platelet degranulation”.  This occurs after the PRP is prepared using your own blood and applied topically (with resurfacing or microneedling) or injected (with other cosmetic fillers).  As the growth factors are released, patients will heal faster, and notice positive changes in tissue tone and quality.

What to Expect

A few vials of blood are collected at the time of treatment.  The blood is spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the serum that contains the platelets.  The concentrated serum is usually applied topically or injected to improve skin regeneration, collagen formation, scar reduction, wrinkle reduction, and better skin tone and “glow”.  There may be some minor swelling or tenderness at sites of use, but downtime and discomfort is minimal.  Patients are usually red and slightly swollen the next day — typically the swelling looks good.  The regeneration seen from the PRP treatment takes a few weeks to months.  Using your own healing and restorative growth factors is a natural and powerful therapy — feel and look good, naturally!