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C-Sculpt Butt

C-Sculpt Butt: Sculptra Aesthetic used in a proprietary Contour Medical protocol to sculpt the Buttock

Do you have a flat or flabby buttocks? Are you looking to improve the appearance of your backside? The C-Sculpt Butt procedure may be just what you’re looking for. By improving the shape and giving your buttocks a subtle lift, the Sculptra Butt Lift is an effective non-surgical treatment for patients who can’t undergo implants or fat transfer butt augmentation. Performed by Dr. JD McCoy at our Contour Medical clinic, this revolutionary procedure is perfect for those wanting to improve their buttocks’ appearance and avoid risky surgery as well.

Benefits of C-Sculpt

  • Improve the shape and gives a subtle lift
  • Non-surgical, no downtime, minimal to no bruising, stimulates your own natural volume/collagen
  • Control of result, since easy to modify/add if needed
  • Result includes improved skin quality, volume, lift, and the result is long lasting- years of correction

How it Works
Sculptra Butt Lifts are completed in about one hour, and require a series of sculptra injections over several months. Over time, these injections stimulate collagen growth and fill out depleted tissue, lifting the buttocks and giving it a more filled out appearance. Because no surgery is needed, the only side effects of the procedure is slight discomfort and swelling – remedied by numbing and icing the effected regions.

Though not as dramatic as butt augmentation or implants, your augmented buttocks will appear fuller than before and more “lifted”, though it may take 2-4 treatments for full results to become apparent. Fortunately, Dr. McCoy is top 100 Sculptra doctor in the nation and one of the most experienced in Phoenix, and thus can provide you with the results you desire!

The prices are as follows:

C-sculpt buttock
small (10-15 vials + protocol) $9000
medium (15-20 vials + protocol) $12000
Brazilian (30 vials + protocol) $16000

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