Common Questions

It is best to minimize sun exposure, or use sun protection, prior to treatment. It is suggested to avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, oil supplements, vitamin A/D/E for a few days prior. If you are on any new medications or have a history of cold sores, make sure to bring that to the attention of the staff. After treatment, it is recommended to avoid intense exercise for 48 hours- avoid planning a workout after your treatment. Typically over exertion after a facial treatment will worsen swelling and discomfort. Sun protection or minimizing exposure post treatment is beneficial. Depending on treatment, it can be helpful to wear comfortable clothing that is buttoned or zipped for access to the neck area or easily removed if needed.

Do not workout before your body treatment (same day). You can exercise after your treatment. Most body treatments are more effective and more comfortable if you are well hydrated. We provide trace mineral drops to improve electrolyte balance and overall hydration. We suggest 2-3 drops of trace minerals added to every beverage throughout the day. Some body treatments require you to minimize sun exposure, or use sun protection prior to treatment (BBL/Laser treatments).

We like to create an individualized treatment plan based on the patient’s 3D photos and our assessment together. This allows us to create an expert treatment plan to address patient concerns and educate about the best options available. This is a marathon, not a sprint. We can have short term goals, but ideally this is a long term process that will unfold over weeks, months, years and even decades. A complimentary consultation is often how this starts.

It is overwhelming, but that is what we are here for. One of our primary roles is to educate and guide you to the best treatment options that are safe and effective. If you are not a good candidate for the treatment options we have, we will let you know or refer you on. The place to start is with a complimentary consultation so that we can work together to create a plan that will get you looking and feeling your best.

It actually can be a great time to do laser treatments in the summer. Since it is so hot, patients are more likely to stay indoors. The UV index is high all year long in Arizona, so when it is cooler out you may end up staying outside longer and get more UV exposure. Regardless of the time of year, sun protection and minimizing exposure is important before and after treatment. When it is the hottest, it may actually be the best time to do treatment since we tend to avoid the outdoors.

Ideally there should be minimal swelling or bruising after treatment. Normal swelling is worse for the first 48 hours- it should be significantly better after 48 hours. If swelling is worsening beyond 48 hours, contact the office. If the jaw area is treated it is not unusual to have tenderness/pain in the jaw area for 5-7 days, but it should improve day by day. Bruising should be minimal since we use the Accuvein light during treatment and apply pressure as needed. Bruising can still happen but should be non-painful. If you have bruising or discoloration that is painful and it is not improving within the 24 hours after treatment, contact the office.

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