Unwanted Fat


Unwanted Fat 101

Though exercise and dieting are often enough to get rid of unwanted fat, some problem areas can be very difficult to remedy — even with a healthy lifestyle. Commonly lamented areas are the arms, abdominal area, hips, and flanks.

Treatment for Unwanted Fat

If you want to get rid of unwanted fat, there are several options. Coolsculpting, Vanquish, Thermi-RF, Z-Wave, Lipodissolve/Mesotherapy, Natural Hormone Replacement, and more are non-invasive procedures with minimal downtime and discomfort. Our knowledgeable team at Contour Medical will help you determine which treatment option is best for you and your wellness.

Most Popular Unwanted Fat Procedures

Emsculpt NEO

EmSculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (EM) technology to permanently reduce fat and build muscle mass and tone by stimulating muscle contractions.

Trusculpt ID

truSculpt ID is a liposuction alternative that targets large or small trouble spots. If you have unwanted fat that won’t budge and diet and exercise don’t seem to make a difference, truSculpt ID can help you achieve the toned body you want.

Agnes RF Microneedling

Agnes RF Microneedling uses fine microneedles to stimulate collagen and improve texture.

CoolSculpting® Plus

CoolSculpting® freezes unwanted fat cells without harming the skin. The Plus is the addition of acoustic massage, which increases overall fat reduction.

Aesthetic Medicine

Using minimally invasive or completely non-invasive cosmetic procedures, our goal is to help you achieve the most beautiful version of yourself.