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Clearlift for Skin

ClearLift delivers healthier, tighter, and more youthful skin with no discomfort or downtime. This is a non-invasive, non-ablative laser that delivers deep heat to target new collagen, with no peeling or redness. This helps with fine lines, tightening, scars, pore size, and overall healthy skin. Dr. McCoy helped develop the protocol and technique used with the ClearLift laser.

ClearLift Benefits

  • No downtime, quick and comfortable — pain free!
  • Treat any area on the face and body
  • Tightens skin, reduces fine lines, and improves color tone
  • Treats all skin types

How Clearlift Works
During the treatment, the ClearLift delivers pulses of light. The light is from a q-switched laser and goes through a unique adapter that “fractionates” or “pixelates” the laser (breaks it into smaller pieces of light). Typically a q-switched laser is uncomfortable, but this modification makes it pain free and more effective for deep tissue heating. This is a gentle heating process that delivers results (tightening and new collagen formation) without any discomfort or downtime. The current protocol for the ClearLift procedure was developed by Dr. J.D. McCoy at Contour Medical- Dr. McCoy is a clinical advisor and Luminary Physician for Alma Lasers, the manufacturer of the ClearLift laser.

What to Expect
The treated area will be pulsed with the ClearLift light. Multiple passes are required, and treatment is individualized based on each patient’s needs at Contour Medical in Gilbert. During the treatment, the eyes are protected with special eye shields or glasses. The treatment is one of the most comfortable laser treatments available — you have to love the newest technology! There is a visible result after one treatment, but multiple treatments are recommended for the best results. Results improve with each treatment. A single treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, depending on the area. This is one of Dr. McCoy’s favorite lasers and is the best technology available for no downtime tightening.