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EMSCULPT IS THE FIRST DEVICE TO INCREASE MUSCLE AND REDUCE FAT. Contour Medical is one of 12 sites in the country that investigated the Emsculpt, participated in research/studies, and helped develop and assess protocols. This is a totally new category of treatment. Do you work out hard at the gym striving to get the results you want? Do you have trouble spots where you want less fat and more sculpted muscles? Do you want a smaller waist or a tighter, more lifted butt? Emsculpt is likely the perfect procedure for you. Studies show that Emsculpt reduces fat by 20% and increases muscle by 15-16%. Emsculpt is noninvasive (can be performed through clothing), nonsurgical, has no downtime or discomfort.


Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (EM) technology to: build muscle mass and tone by stimulating muscle contractions (depolarizes the motor nerve) AND permanently reduce fat. This is perfect for treating the abdomen and is the first nonsurgical butt lift procedure, so your backside can look just as great. MRI, Ultrasound, and CAT scan studies confirm the increase in muscle and reduction of fat, and patient satisfaction in the studies Dr. McCoy participated in was 97%. You can build muscle tone and reduce fat all while creating a more defined, athletic shape- how cool is that?!

Emsculpt benefits

-no downtime or discomfort (can be done in your clothing)
-results seen quickly (in 2 weeks you will see and feel the difference)
-first device to lift the butt
-permanent fat reduction and long lasting muscular tone

How EMSCULPT works

Emsculpt uses high powered focused magnetic energy to stimulate muscle contraction. In a 30 minute treatment, the target muscle contracts over 20,000 times, in a greater fashion (supramaximal) than possible through normal exercise/movement. Fat cells are overwhelmed from such rapid contractions, and a portion of the fat self-destructs in the process. Treatments are done weekly and changes can be seen quickly. Muscular changes and fat reduction improve with time and the studies Contour Medical contributed to showed that results/satisfaction improved over time (beyond 3 months). While results may vary per person, most patients will require four to six treatments to see the full benefits (4 treatments is the standard protocol from our studies).

What to expect

A simple disc-like applicator is placed over the area being treated (this treatment can be done through most clothing). The treatment feels like an intense contraction of the muscle group being treated (more significant that a typical abdominal crunch or gluteal squeeze). There is no pain, but we go to the highest tolerated intensity setting. The contractions will rhythmically change throughout the treatment session. A treatment takes 30 minutes and treatments are performed approximately 5-7 days apart.

If you are ready to reduce some fat and tone some muscle, contact Contour Medical, in Gilbert, AZ. As one of the most experienced offices in the country with Emsculpt, we can answer any additional questions with a complimentary consultation. We can help you achieve a more athletic sculpted body.