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Most people do not plan to get caught up in legal trouble, but there are times when we make decisions that may land us in trouble with the authorities. While it may tempting to ignore the problem and think that we can go through it on our own, this is not always the best choice. If you find yourself in legal trouble, most probably accused of an offense that may change your life for the worse, then you should consider contacting a criminal defense lawyer to help you out like The Hogle Law Firm.

Why is hiring a Arizona criminal defense lawyer important?

There are very many reasons why this is one of the best investments that you can ever make. No one would want to spend the money on a criminal defense lawyer of any sort, but this really is one of the best decisions you can ever make on your behalf. Without the help of a legal expert, you may find that you won’t be able to fight the charges against you or have the necessary representation you need in court where your fate will be decided.

One of the main reasons why you want to contact a criminal defense lawyer is because they very well know the law. If you’re in legal trouble, it will make good sense to hire a person who can educate you about the legal aspects regarding your case. The lawyer can help explain the charges filed against you and the legal process and what you can expect next at the end of it all. When you have known what to expect and what your charges are and how the law works, you will prepare yourself better for what will come next.

Roles of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Protect Your Rights

The important role of a criminal defense lawyer is making sure that your rights are protected all through the legal process. He will be able to determine whether the conditions of your arrest were legal, that the police you treated fairly during questioning, and also make sure that the prosecutors are treating you fairly all through the legal proceedings and there is no intimidation. Protection of your legal rights is one of the most vital things that you can receive during the trial, and that is the main reason why hiring an attorney can be in your best interests.

Represent You In Court

Besides protecting your legal rights, a DUI defense lawyer can provide you with the representation you need in court during a trial. Studies have indicated that people without representation from a reputable attorney are more likely to be convicted than people who have a good representation. For this reason, it is crucial to hire a person who can represent you before a jury and the judge. In situations like these, you can’t afford to take chances. Thus, it is very important to ensure that you get the representation that you need.

Investigate your case

Perhaps the officer who arrested you missed some of the most important evidence that can be able to prove that you are innocent. The lawyer, in this case, will be responsible for critically investigating the case. He will use a variety of resources in arranging evidence to defend you. Criminal defense lawyers are professionals in every aspect of the law and they very well know how to deal with such cases for a favorable outcome.

Help Reduce Your Imprisonment or Punishment

Even if you’re found guilty, a criminal defense lawyer can help you out by minimizing your fines and sentence. However, it is vital to that you hire the lawyer as soon as possible when you are charged with the legal offense. Any kind of negligence may cost you in the long run. A skilled lawyer can arrange all the required evidence and create a strong case reduce your sentence in case you’re found guilty. A reputed lawyer who has a good reputation in court can help negotiate deals to lessen your punishment.

Tell Your Story

Finally, a good criminal defense lawyer can make sure that your side of the story is also heard. If you are innocent, then one of the most crucial things is telling your story just as it really happened. This is one of the most vital factors in ensuring that the judgment is fair, and a good lawyer can make it happen.

What are the most common areas where people may need a criminal defense lawyer?

1. Domestic Violence- In some of the domestic violence cases, there may be false accusations made to further the alleged victim’s own agenda. For example, in a divorce proceeding, a woman may claim she is being abused by her spouse in order to harm her husband’s credibility in a legal custody battle.

2. DWI and DUI Cases- When you’re stopped by a law enforcement officer on the suspicion of drunk driving, there are clearly defined rules that must be followed during the stop and prior to the stop. A violation of any of these rules may be in violation of your rights and may weaken the case against you. A lawyer who has specialized in this area of criminal law will look for the following:

• Were there any probable causes to stop you?

• Was a breath test administered properly?

• Was the person who administered the test qualified?

• Was the test equipment functioning properly and accurate?

3. Juvenile Crimes – In a juvenile charge, a criminal defense lawyer who knows how to work well within the juvenile system is needed. You will need a good negotiator who is skilled at getting your charges dropped or reduced

4. Federal Charges – The best time to get a good lawyer in a federal case is when an investigation is underway prior to the charges being filed. These federal charges are serious in general and they carry stiff penalties. An experienced lawyer understands the investigative processes and procedural steps that are critical to creating a good defense. Some of the legal problems associated with federal charges are:

• Medicaid and Medicare fraud

• Mortgage Fraud

• Drug conspiracy

• Tax fraud

• Money laundering

• Racketeering and RICO Crimes

When you’re faced with a criminal charge or you are under investigation, a criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights. He/she understands the law, the procedure and has enough experience in the area of criminal law which applies to your situation to help evaluate your options and make the right decision.

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