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Body Contouring

  • Emsculpt uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (EM) technology to: build muscle mass and tone by stimulating muscle contractions (depolarizes the motor nerve) AND permanently reduce fat.
  • Coolsculpting is a liposuction alternative that can target those trouble spots. If you have unwanted fat that just won’t budge, even with a strict diet and exercise regimen, Coolsculpting can help you achieve the toned and cut body you want.
  • Vanquish ME Contouring is the game changer in non-surgical fat reduction and contouring. It doesn’t even touch your skin.
  • Renuvion using J Plasma, the ionized energy is delivered to the top layer of your skin. The skin peels, leaving a fresh layer of skin exposed underneath it.
  • Z-Wave uses acoustic energy shockwaves to infiltrate fatty tissue. It compliments all other treatments that are used in non-surgical body contouring.
  • Contour hCG Diet is a very strict low calorie diet used in conjunction with hCG. This is an off-label use of FDA approved hCG.
  • Laser Hair Removal Contour Medical in Gilbert AZ, has brought patients the world’s most comfortable laser for hair removal: the Soprano ICE.
  • Jet-Assisted Fat Transfer (Body-Jet) gently removes fat from an area where you don’t want it (the belly, thighs, love-handles, etc.). The Body-jet uses gentle water to remove the fat and requires no processing or modification for transfer.
  • Injection Lipolysis is a short series of injections in the specific trouble spot(s) — love handles, bra bulge, buttocks, thighs, belly, lipomas, chin, or even stubborn fat under the eyes — allows Dr. McCoy to sculpt areas that are resistant to diet and exercise alone.
  • Tattoo Removal with Clearlift uses the latest technology to focus on removing even the most detailed, brightly colored tattoos.
  • Thermi-RF Contouring is a safe and effective method of tightening skin and melting fat with as little as one treatment.
  • Ultrashape Power Plus uses high-frequency focused ultrasound to reduce unwanted fat from trouble spots, and delivers results in weeks.
  • Vaginal Rejuvenation (Using ThermiVA) this treatment is intended to help women reclaim their pre-pregnancy body, restore satisfaction, and revive their relationship, without downtime or discomfort.
  • Vein Reduction Sclerotherapy Are you keeping your legs covered due to unsightly veins? Vein reduction at Contour Medical is a possible solution.
  • Accent XL & Near Infrared (NIR) Radiofrequency and Near Infrared energy for body contouring, and cellulite and skin tightening.