What is Ultrashape Power Plus?

Ultrashape Power uses high-frequency focused ultrasound to reduce unwanted fat from trouble-spots and delivers results in weeks. Ultrashape Power offers more significant fat reduction than other pure fat reduction technologies. The Plus is the addition of acoustic massage, which increases overall fat reduction by up to 40%. At Contour Medical, acoustic massage comes with all body contouring treatments.

The Benefits of Ultrashape Power

Ultrashape Power can treat any area on the body, including the arms and legs, and requires no downtime. Ultrashape Power is unique because the fat is broken apart without heat, providing a comfortable experience. This treatment can reduce many inches or be used in a high-definition approach to sculpt and define without surgical liposuction.

Popular Areas to Get Ultrashape Power


Remove unwanted fat from the stomach, love handles, and abdominal area.


Contour your face by eliminating unwanted fat from your neck and chin area.


Comfortably treat your outer and inner thighs with Ultrashape Power.

Upper Arms

Treat your upper arms with Ultrashape Power for a contoured appearance.

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Ultrashape Power is designed to eliminate unwanted fat through the use of ultrasound technology.


This is a non-invasive procedure that requires no downtime.

When You Can Expect Results

Ultrashape Power is one of the most comfortable body sculpting techniques available. You can see results in 1-2 weeks after your first treatment.

What to Expect From Treatment

The treated area is pulsed with ultrasound waves through a thin layer of ultrasound gel or contact medium covering the treatment area. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes based on the size of the treated area. Ultrashape Power is one of the most comfortable body treatments available – you have to love the newest technology! You can see results 1-2 weeks after a single treatment, but a series of three treatments maximize results. Results improve after each treatment. Ultrashape Power is the best technology available for efficient, comfortable body contouring.

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Technology and techniques make your experience more comfortable and reduce downtime.

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