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Sculptra ® is polylactic acid (a fruit sugar). This is a chain of lactic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. Sculptra® stimulates the production of your body’s own collagen. This is fantastic for adding volume and plumping up areas that are deflating with age or weight-loss. Dr. McCoy at Contour Medical in Gilbert is one of only 30 physicians in Arizona that is certified to inject Sculptra®, and he was among the first doctors using the product since it was first FDA-approved.

Sculptra ® Benefits

  • Long lasting (2 years or longer)
  • Builds your own collagen
  • Creates a softer look
  • Lifts and plumps
  • Full facial approach

How Sculptra ® Works

The polylactic acid (fruit sugar chains) stimulates your body to produce new collagen. As you age, your body continues to make new collagen, it just breaks down more than it makes (you lose 1% of your net collagen every year after the age 30). Sculptra ® counteracts that net loss in all the right places! This new collagen generation creates a natural softness and subtle plumpness that is more youthful.

What to Expect

Soon after the first treatment with Sculptra® there is some initial swelling. This is giving you a preview of what the correction will look like. The swelling goes down after approximately 48 hours and minimal change will be apparent. Four to six weeks after treatment there will be some subtle volume change. Repeated treatments are recommended, and Dr. McCoy typically treats patients in 3 sessions. Depending on how much correction is required, Dr. McCoy will individualize the number of vials of treatment; it may appear that the procedure worked quickly. The improvements typically last several years and the procedure can be repeated as needed for maintenance.

*Client testimonials are based on personal experience. Individual results may vary.