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Ultrashape Power Plus

Ultrashape Power is a non-surgical liposuction alternative . This is the ultimate in non-invasive fat reduction! No discomfort and no downtime. Ultrashape Power uses high-frequency focused ultrasound to reduce unwanted fat from trouble spots, and delivers results in weeks. The Ultrashape Power is faster, 20% more powerful than the previous generation device and has the greatest fat reduction compared to other pure fat reduction technologies. The Plus is the addition of acoustic massage with Z-wave or Cellutone- acoustic massage increases the overall fat reduction by up to 40%. At Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, acoustic massage is included with all body contouring treatments.

*Individual Results May Vary

Ultrashape Benefits

  • No downtime and comfortable- pain free!
  • Trat any area on body- including legs and arms
  • Results seen quickly after treatment
  • Permanent fat reduction, increased from acoustic massage

How Ultrashape Power works Ultrashape Power uses technically advanced HD video tracking to guide the ultrasound transducer (handpiece that delivers energy) over the region(s) treated. The energy is focused at approximately 1.3 cm, and the region treated is customized based on the patient’s fat distribution and the area of the body. Fat is destroyed mechanically via sound wave cavitation (implosion of fat).

What is unique about Ultrashape Power is that the fat is broken apart without heat production, and therefore is totally comfortable. This treatment can be used to treat patients that need to reduce many inches, or can be used in a high-definition approach to sculpt and define without surgical liposuction in Phoenix. Dr. McCoy is always combining technology to non-surgically contour the body, and he sees Ultrashape Power as the most relevant component to his dynamic approach to fat reduction.

*Individual Results May Vary

What to Expect
The treated area will be pulsed using the ultrasound transducer with no discomfort other than a thin layer of ultrasound gel or contact medium that covers the region of treatment. Multiple passes are required, but the treatment is done in approximately 45 minutes (depends on the size of the area). The treatment is one of the most comfortable body treatments available- you have to love the newest technology! There is a visible result 1-2 weeks after a single treatment, but a series of three treatments are recommended for the best result. Results improve after each treatment with Ultrashape in Phoenix. This is one of Dr. McCoy’s favorite devices for focused fat reduction, and it is the best technology available for no downtime, no discomfort body contouring.