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Vaginal Rejuvenation

ThermiVA is an in-office treatment using gentle heat produced by radiofrequency that was specifically developed for women that want results without surgery. The treatment is intended to help women reclaim their pre-pregnancy body, restore satisfaction, and revive their relationship, without downtime or discomfort.  Dr. J.D. McCoy is one of the physician pioneers that were responsible for the early work that led to the current vaginal rejuvenation protocol. ThermiVA, at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, is the most advanced non-surgical treatment for many vaginal issues.


*Individual Results May Vary


ThermiVA Benefits

  • Non-surgical, no downtime or discomfort
  • Tighten and tone internally and externally
  • Reduce vaginal dryness
  • Helps incontinence
  • Improve orgasm and sexual intensity

How ThermiVA Works

ThermiVa is a temperature controlled radiofrequency device that gently heats tissue to a target set point comfortably. This helps restore structural tissue and collagen. After giving birth, or normal aging, there may be progressive relaxation and deterioration of the vaginal muscles and related structures. This damage can contribute to laxity, reduced sensation during intercourse, dryness, mild/moderate incontinence, and reduced orgasm. The heat during treatment contracts tissue, stimulates new collagen formation, and may help with healing nerves and other tissues. Radiofrequency has a long history of use therapeutically for treating muscle and tissue healing. ThermiVa involves no downtime, no anesthesia, no delay in sexual activity, and uses a single use handpiece (no transimission/infection risk).


*Individual Results May Vary

What to Expect

The treatment is a warm sensation (temperature control allows the tissue to get as warm as tolerable), and takes 30 minutes. The protocol is typically three treatments, each treatment a month apart. Most patients notice improvement after the first treatment. There is no post-treatment discomfort or any restrictions. A complimentary consultation on vaginal rejuvenation at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, will help determine your individualized treatment plan with ThermiVA.