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Vanquish ME Contouring

Vanquish ME Body Contouring

Vanquish ME is the game changer in non-surgical fat reduction and contouring.  It doesn’t even touch your skin.  Contour Medical was chosen as one of only 10 clinics in the entire country to launch the Vanquish ME.  Fat is destroyed and you are comfortable with no downtime.  Initial studies show an average of 59% of abdominal fat treated was destroyed.  The Vanquish ME, at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, is the most cutting-edge alternative to liposuction available and compliments the other body contouring treatments offered.  Vanquish ME the fat!

Vanquish ME Benefits

  • No downtime — life as usual after your treatment
  • No discomfort — during (slight warmth) or after treatment
  • Treat a large area at the same time — abdomen & love handles
  • Permanent fat reduction — fat is destroyed yet totally non-invasive

How Vanquish ME Works

This is an “intelligent” device that senses your body fat and adjusts to maximize energy delivery and absorption.  The engineering and technology used in the Vanquish ME at Contour Medical, in Gilbert, Arizona, is a huge step forward in non-surgical body contouring; it truly individualizes the treatment for the patient’s fat and body type.  The fat is super heated and destroyed (melted) while the surface skin temperature is comfortably warm.  All of this is achieved without the device even touching the skin — you lay below adjustable panels that sit above the skin.  Results are permanent and patients are comfortable in the process.

What to Expect

The sensation of the treatment is a warm feeling, similar to a heating pad and is very comfortable.  You can treat the full abdomen, including the love handles, at the same time.  If a good candidate, it can also be used to treat the legs, thighs, bra fat, and buttocks.  The protocol is four treatments, one week apart.  There may be slight redness and minimal swelling after the treatment, but there is no discomfort.  Adequate hydration is recommended to maximize results.  A complimentary consultation on the Vanquish ME at Contour Medical in Gilbert, Arizona, will help individualize your body contouring treatment plan with the Vanquish ME.